Trust in number

4 schools
across 4 sites
6 different languages
spoken in our schools
1038 children
currently on role
2 % speak English
as an additional language
204 staff working
across our schools
7 % of our children
qualify for free school meals


 ROBUS Equality and Diversity Policy .pdfDownload
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 ROBUS Grievance procedures Dec 2020.pdfDownload
 ROBUS Mental Health and Wellbeing policy.pdfDownload
 ROBUS Pay Policy (revised Oct 2020).pdfDownload
 ROBUS Performance Management policy.pdfDownload
 ROBUS Pupils Missing Education due to Health Needs.pdfDownload
 ROBUS Redundancy and Restructuring Procedure.pdfDownload
 ROBUS Sickness Management Procedure Oct 2019.pdfDownload
 ROBUS Staff Code of Conduct.pdfDownload
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