Trust in number

4 schools
across 4 sites
6 different languages
spoken in our schools
1038 children
currently on role
2 % speak English
as an additional language
204 staff working
across our schools
7 % of our children
qualify for free school meals


The ROBUS Multi Academy Trust is made of up 4 local primary schools in the Benfleet area. Each school offers valuable expertise and experience with a single view point of providing the highest standard of education for each and every one of their own and fellow schools pupils.

Montgomerie Primary School:

Montgomerie Primary School is a single form entry Academy. We currently have 196 pupils on our school roll. Our children feel safe and supported in our newly refurbished school enabling them to make progress both academically and socially.

As a founder member of the Robus Multi Academy Trust, we passionately believe that collaborative working between pupils, staff and parents, both within our school and also within our Trust, provides our children and colleagues with a wealth of experiences and opportunities to learn from. Our friendly and positive school's vision is to create a happy and caring environment where we can learn and achieve together.

Kingston Primary School:

At Kingston Primary we aim to provide a school where exceptional learning takes place for pupils, parents, staff, governors and families. We strive to ensure that every person feels valued in a community of mutual respect and to equip our pupils with the skills necessary to wholeheartedly embrace the future challenges of the 21st Century.

The Kingston motto is:

Aim high

Be courageous

Consider and respect others

We are a happy and caring school, where pupils' progress and wellbeing are equally valued.

At Kingston we believe that every child is capable of developing gifted behaviour. Our thematic curriculum promotes curiosity, problem-solving, team learning at some stage. Our team of talented staff work hard to remove the barriers that may prevent children from reaching their full potential. It is important for us that all childre-building and increases general knowledge and an interest in the world around us. At the same time we recognise that one in five children will experience difficulties with n thrive.

Thundersley Primary School:

At Thundersley Primary School there are currently 388 pupils on roll.

Our Vision for Thundersley Primary School is to have a happy, stimulating environment where children love to learn. We see all children as individuals with their own talents, personalities and needs. We want them to feel valued and to foster a sense of belonging to the Thundersley family, the local community and to the wider world.

We have as our core values;

Respect, Independence, Confidence, Honesty, Effort and Responsibility

We wholeheartedly encourage a successful partnership with home, as we know how positively this can impact on a child's progress and development. We want parents and carers to be involved in their child's learning and to feel they know how they can help them achieve their personal best.

We want Thundersley pupils to succeed in every area of their life at school - academically, physically, creatively, emotionally, morally, socially and spiritually. We believe passionately in developing innovative ways to ensure that all children can be high achievers and gain the full range of skills and values necessary to continue their learning journey, on the way to a happy and successful life.

Woodham Ley Primary School:

Woodham Ley is a small, friendly and very welcoming one form entry primary school with an on-site Pre-School. We currently have 203 pupils on our school roll.

Our children are very well behaved and have excellent attitudes towards learning due to the nurturing and supportive staff. We have high expectations and strive to encourage a life-long love of learning in all of our pupils. We value the uniqueness of every child and we provide a secure and happy learning environment where everyone can reach their potential.

Our vision is: to develop unique and ambitious children who make informed choices and are inspired to reach their greatest potential.